Soal-soal latihan bahasa inggris

Iseng sekalian bingung mau posting apa?pas lihat flasdisk ketemu soal-soal ini...yang kami buat semester yang lalu daripada berdiam di flashdisk nggak ada gunanya mendingan saya postingkan saja siapa tau sobat memerlukannya. soal ini tentang causative dan passive voice.

1. Mr.Sriyono had his house....

A. paints       C. painted
B. to paint     D. paint

2. That clothe is cute,so my sister has it...

A. boughts             C. bought
B. Had bought       D. to bought

3. Adi : i don’t like the black colour of the will darken the room
Nia: i will have...

A. It change              C. it changes
B. It changed             D. been changed

4. If you use a word processor,you can easily.................another paragraph to your composition

A. Add                C. additive
B. Addition          D. additional

5. If I................that you can use photoshop well,i would have promoted you to my boss.
A. Knew          C. am known
B. Know          D. had known

6. Dewi : “why did you quit the job?”
Dion : “I...............if the salary had been better.”
A. Will stay               C. would have stayed
B. Would stay           D. would have been stayed

7 .The teacher told the students that they needed to revise their essays.
The passive of the underlined clause is:
A. Their essays were needed to revise.      C. their essays were needed to be revised
B. their essays were need to be revising.    D.their essays were needed to revising

8. Tono wasn't offered the job.
We can also say:

A. Tono didn't offer the job.
B. They don't offer the job to Tono.
C. Tono was offering the job.
D. The job wasn't offered to Tono.

9. "Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?"
"We don't know yet. They …………………. by a team."

A. are still being selected C. still be selected
B. are still selecting D. still selected

10. A flower was given to Astrid by Roni in her birthday.

a. Roni give a flower to Astrid
b. Astrid give flower to Roni
c. Flower gave Astrid to Roni
d. Roni gave A flower to Astrid

11.I want to be a millionare. I want to buy my mother a beautiful gaun.

a. If I am a millionare, I will buy my mother a bautiful gaun
b. If I had been a millionare, I would have bought my mother a beautiful gaun
c. I would buy my mother a beautiful gaun if I was a millionare
d. If I were a millionare, I would buy my mother a beautiful gaun

12. Rahman is sleeping in the class.

a. He might be slept late last nigt
b. He should have slept late last night
c. He must have slept late last night
d. He cuold have slept late last night

13. Dora takes her fabric to the tailor.

a. She has her fabric repaired
b. She has her fabric cleaned
c. She has her fabric taken
d. She has her fabric sewn

14.She said to me “Are you hungry?”

a. Mother asked me if I was hungry
b. Mother said me that I was hungry
c. I said to Mother that I was hungry
d. I said if My mother Hungry

15.The whole kitchen was still very dirty.She ............... forgotten to clean it.

a. Should have             c. could have
b. Might be                 d. must have

16.Arjuna is a biker. He had an accident Yesterday. He took his motorcycle to the gerage today.

a. He has his motorcycle bought
b. He had his motorcycle repaired
c. He had his motorcycle bought
d. He has his motorcycle repaired

17.Adit would slaughter a duck in a market last night

a. A duck would be slaughtered by Adit in market last night
b. A duck would be slaughter by Adit last night in market
c. A duck would be slaughter last night in market by Adit
d. A duck would be slaughter by Adit In Market Last night

18. If I . . . . a student at POLMAN ASTRA, I would finish my study on time.

a. am accepted               c. Was accepted
b.. were accepted          e. Accepted

19. . . . . Her shyness, she would have become a great teacher

A. She had overcome
B. Had she overcome
C. If she overcome
D. If she would overcome

20 .I will ask the girl to go out if she. . . . .tomorrow

a. come          c. came
b.. comes       d. Is coming

21. The street ……………………. when we passed yesterday.

a. has repaired                c. was being repaired
b. is being repaired         d. Is repaired

22. My purse . . . . . by someone.

a. was being stolen             c. Is stolen
b. has been stolen              d. Was stolen

23. Okta:"When do you plan to get married?"
Fahry:"After ... school".

A. I finished                           C. I am finishing
B. I have been finished           D. I had finished

24. 1. The woman says to him: “you play the piano well.”
The girl says to him that ………….

A. you play the piano well.
B. he play the piano well
C. he plays the piano well
D. he played the piano well

25. “Did he leave a message for me?”
     “yes, he said that………. tonight”.

A. he called you              C. he would call you
B. he would call him        D. I would call you

26. She has. . . . . .many books that she needs more room to keep them.

A. Such a           c. So a
B. Such             d. so

27 . . . . . . .to buy a house,she rented a small room near her office.

A. Being unable         C. having unable
B. Be unable             D. because unable

28. It was reported that medicine and rice……. to the victims of the flood.

A. have been distributed           C. are being distributed
B. will be distributed                 D. had been distributed

29. The picture is not here anymore. It must have........

A. been taken away    C. took away
B. been taking away    D. taken away

30. Mother warned her ........... the newly painted wall.

A. not touched    C. not touching
B. not to touch    D. not touch

31. I .......... the street when it began to rain.

A. am walking down        C. have been walking down
B. have walked down      D. was walking down

32 . “You mustn’t forget what I told you.” She told me ……

A. that I hadn’t to forget what she had told me
B. that I didn’t have to forget what I had told her.
C. that I mustn’t have forgotten what I told you.
D. that I didn’t have to forget what she had told me

33. Tony said to me: “Why does she sing so loudly?”

A. Tony said to me why does she sing so loudly
B. Tony asked me why did she sing so loudly.
C. Tony asked why does she sing so loudly
D. Tony asked me why she sang so loudly

34.Hadi doesn’t go to Bali today

a. If Hadi didn’t have money, he wouldn’t go to Bali.
b. If Hadi doesn’t have money, he will go to Bali.
c. If Hadi go to Bali, he will meet Sandy.
d. If Hadi went to Bali, he wouldn’t go his office,

35.Don’t let him come here, It’s means:

a. Someone ask he doesn’t come here.      C. someone ask him not to come here
b. Someone ask he didn’t come here.        D. someone ask him not came here

36.The teacher said to the students, “Be quiet while I’m talking.”

a. The teacher told the students to be quiet while he was talking ..
b. The teacher said the students quiet while he is talking
c. The teacher says the students to be quiet while he is talk
d. The teacher say the students be quiet while he is talking

37.If I had seen you yesterday, I would have told you about it

a. I doesn’t saw you yesterday      c.I see you yesterday
b. I dont see you yesterday           d.I didn’t see you yesterday

38.The postman took the letter from the box

a. The letter is took by the postman from the box
b. The letter was taken by the postman from the box..
c. The letter is take by the postman from the box
e. The letter was took by the postman from the box

39. If I had come to the music festival,I would have met Eva liana there.
This sentences means…

a. I didn’t come to the music festival but Eva liana there
b. I had come to the music festival in order meet Eva liana there
c. I didn’t come to the music festival so I didn’t meet Eva liana there
d. I come to the music festival but I didn’t meet Eva liana there

40.He was lost because he was not well informed.
It means : He wouldn’t have been lost…

a. If he has well informed            c. if he was not well informed
b. If he were well informed         d. if he had been well informed

41.If you shut me, I…….died.
a. Will             c.were
b. Was 

42.Dion would have bought a new handphone yesterday if…...

a. He save his money this month
b. He had saved his money for two months
c. He will save his money next month
d. He would save his money this month

43.Your IPK would be more than 3 if you studied hard

a. Andi was diligent student
b. Andi studied hard
c. Andi have studied hard
d. Andi doesn’t study hard

44.I can send the package this afternoon
a. The package can be sent this afternoon
b. The package would be sent this afternoon
c. The package was sending this afternoon
d. d.The package had been sending this afternoon

45.Randy has his tire repaired

a. Randy repaired his tire alone
b. Randy found his tire repaired
c. The mechanic has repaired Randy’s tire
d. The mechanic don’t repaired Randy’s tire

46.Bocil says ,“ I kiss the baby on her cheek.”

a. Bocil said that he kissed the baby on her cheek
b. Bocill says that he kiss the baby on her cheek
c. Bocil says that he kisses the baby on her cheek
d. Bocil told that he kissed the baby on her cheek

47.Each person should bring 4 kg of sugar

a. 4 kg of sugar should be brought by each person
b. 4 kg of suger should be been brought by each person
c. 4 kg of sugar must be brought by each person
d. 4 kg of sugar might be brought by each person

48.My cat bite me on my finger

a. Your cat had been stressed
b. Your cat might have been stressed
c. Your cat might be stressed
d. Your cat must be stressed

49.Udin told angrily “ Stop making a noise!”

a. Udin told us stopped making a norse
b. Udin told us to stop making a noise
c. Udin anggry becuse we make a noise
d. Udin told angrily that we made a noise

50. Rudy said to me, “Can I help you find a hotel?”

A. Rudy asked me if he could help her find a hotel
B. I wondered if my friend could help me find a hotel
C. Rudy said that he could help me find a hotel
D. Rudy asked me to find a hotel for him
E. Rudy asked me whether he could help me find a hotel

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