What must i do ?

Oh no shit.....
Huuh,...this is hard,i was tried but not maximum...
yeah this is the risk if you get an scholarship,beside you can go to university free also get salary i call...but also you have an obligation that is what i call with value...
yeah or my friends call it IP,...okey maybe yesterday i still have a lucky so i got 2,9 but now it’s sound hard to get ....perhaps 2,9 even 2,75 as standard it like something that imposible...regret???
of course i regret,i was angry to my self. why i am not serious in study,why i am so lazy,why i have not some motivation,why i couldn’t to be like my friends,why this?,why that?....ah fucking college.
Fiuhhh....ok but now i still have a chance...this is one month next to the final exam.....i forgive myself to be break at mid exam but this is my chance my one and last chance to repair,yesterday i was destroy all but today i still could repair it,if i want
Hey...you !!!have you any words to me to increase my spirit to growth up my dilligently??
I need some kind of drug to make me high but not a real drug it’s like a motivation sentence or something like that to make me forgive my self...wake up and stand up then i kick the hell in my self...that was lazy i hate it so much...
Oh come on,...dion couldn’t you see the paper in the back of your door...who was write that ?
You...only you...who has promise me to fullfill it at all??you...of course you....so why now you cried up like a cutty baby???where was your consistence??where was your big promise...am i see any promise that you fullfill???oh no...did you wake up at 5 in the morning?have you desire to read?did you read your bible every night and muse that??did you accomplised all your promise??
Come on baby...don’t be a now this way now that??you a man bro...so be come a man ...finish that with a muscle....make me proud

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