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what is yoga???

The word Yoga has its root in the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to merge, join or unite. Yoga is the union of soul with the eternal truth, a state of unalloyed ( murni ) bliss ( kebahagian ), arising from conquest of dualities.

In Philosophical terms, the union of the individual self “jivatma” with the universal self “paramata” is Yoga. The result is a pure and perfect state of consciousness in which the “I” simply does no exist. Prior to this is the union of the body with the mind with the self. Yoga is thus a dynamic internal experiment which intergrates the body, the senses, the mind, and the intelligence, with the self.

Yoga is not simply an exercise in stretching. It is philosophy of life that teaches the individual how to achieve a calm mind, which in turn helps to channel energy through out the body.

It has a therapeutic effect. Acts as a relaxing bath, counterbalancing frantic lifestyles by quieting the mind.

Teaches to develop a greater awareness of both our physical and psychological states, which in turn increases our ability to cope with everyday stresses and situations, enabling us to step back and assess our reactions and coping mechanism .

Yoga is a complete science of humanness, dealing with all aspects of man from the physical to the psychological, intellectual and emotions. Practiced with dedication, yoga has the ability to draw our positive qualities and to lessen defects. With its knowledge of anatomy, physiology, consciousness, yoga is a science that is able to integrate the body, mind, breath, and awareness, understanding the genuine needs of each person and dealing with every aspect of health and well being from the peripheral to the core.

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